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How to Tell If Your Sex Toy Is Toxic - Vice

Some sex toys are shoddily made and contain dangerous chemicals. Activists explain what to look out for—and why you should beware poorly made butt plugs, unless you want a trip to the ER.

10 Harmful Chemicals That Make A Sex Toy Toxic - Beyond Delights

The toxic gets released upon usage of the sex toy. Acute exposure to this chemical may result to confusion, headache, coma and sometimes, death. According to 2005 lab tests, carbon disulfide appeared as one of the dangerous toxins found in sex toys, particularly those made of rubber.

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Toxic Toys – The Definite Guide to Toxic Sex Toy Awareness ...

And then, we have sex toy materials that have never been proven toxic yet are still softened with oil (grades and types unknown), the material still breaks down and is unstable, and the material is still porous enough to harbor bacteria and mold.Even if the material is non-toxic when you first buy it, that may change as you own it and the material breaks down.

The Trouble With Toxic Sex Toys | Bitch Media

Toxic in sex toys in very dangerous to our body, we should always check the label first before buying. Prevention is better than cure.

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Ever thought about the toxins in your sex toys? | Grist

A study in 2000 by German chemist Hans Ulrich Krieg found that 10 dangerous chemicals gassed out of some sex toys available in Europe, including diethylhexyl phthalates.

Dangerous Sex Toy Materials 101 - Sex Toy Collective

Bad plasticizers are what put the toxic in unsafe sex toys. They are volatile oils and acids like phthalates that turn hard plastic into rubbers. They act as a mini lubricant that fits inbetween the molecules of the base ingredients, making a highly unstable mixture that will easily melt.

Non-Toxic Sex Toys: The Debate - Holistic Wisdom

One of the challenges regarding the issue of toxins in sex toys is the desire of the general public to lump a type of toy into a toxic or not toxic category in any situation. For example, many people are now saying that anything that is considered a jelly sex toy is toxic. However, the truth is that not all jelly sex toys are toxic.

Dangerous Sex Toy Materials - Miss Ruby Reviews

Toxicity is never good. Ever. It’s also hard to tell when a toy is toxic, as companies aren’t under any legal obligation to state if they are toxic. Cheap sex toy materials (read: porous) carry a high risk of containing chemicals that you *really* don’t want in your body, such as phthalates.